Executive Board/Board of Directors

President (2023)

Meenakshi Shelat, PharmD, BCOP

President Elect (2023):

Mohammed Aldhaeefi, PharmD, BCCCP

Secretary (2023)

Matthew Levit, PharmD

Treasurer (2023-2024)

Interim pending

Board Members:

John Quinn, MS, RPh

Michelle Eby

Immediate Past President: 
Dhakrit Rungkitwattanakul, PharmD

Past Presidents/Council

Ashok Ramalingam, PhD, RPh

Vaiyapuri Subramaniam, PharmD

Sadhna Khatri, PharmD
Vicki Ly, PharmD

ASHP Delegates

Legislative Committee Chairs:

Carla Darling PharmD, BCPS

Sumit Dua, PharmD


ASHP Alternate Delegate:

Sue Carr, RPh

Program Committee:

Co-Chair: Mohammed Aldhaeefi
Co-Chair: Matthew Levit

Executive Board

Membership Committee

Chair: Matthew Levit
Vice-Chair: Michelle Eby

Finance committee:

Chair: Interim pending

Ashok Ramalingam

Mohammed Aldhaeefi

Puri Subramaniam
John Quinn

Newsletter/Communications Committee:

Co-Chair: John Quinn

Co-Chair: Tiffany Tseng, PharmD
Vice Co-Chair: Tejona Johnson-Moore

Puri Subramaniam

Jamila Jorden, PharmD, MBA

Marilyn Farinre, PharmD, MBA


Nominations Committee:

Co-Chair: Puri Subramaniam

Co-Chair: John Quinn

Executive Board 

WMSHP Executive Board/Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities 


President Elect

  • Shall lead the Board on official activities and delegate as appropriate 
  • Shall advise and facilitate the Board's work on such matters as may further the goals of WMSHP.
  • Communicate with members of WMSHP, and the public on the activities and policies of WMSHP.
  • Involved in Program, Membership and Nomination Committees and serve as Chair/Vice-Chair as needed (including involvement with spotlight and award recipient selections).


  • Keep record and maintain minutes of all meetings
  • Maintain up-to-date roster of WMSHP members
  • Receive and prepare correspondence of WMSHP, and forward all funds received to the Treasurer.
  • Actively involved with website and work closely with Communications committee
  • Serve as Chair of Membership Committee, act as or assign WMSHP's photographer and liaison to non-members of WMSHP and other outside correspondence.


  • Responsible for independent and diligent maintenance of monthly account record keeping and tasks related to tax preparation and contribute to annual report
  • Assure expenditure of funds is in accord with programs, priorities, and budget established by the Board and prudent investment of the assets and funds of WMSHP.
  • Inform the Board and members of the financial strength, needs, and long-term financial projections for WMSHP.
  • Serve as the Chair for the Finance Committee.

Board Members

  • Actively assist and advise the Board on matters pertaining to the growth of WMSHP and to further WMSHP interests. 
  • Actively Chair and/or be a member of the committees including Program, Communications, Legislative, Nominations, and Membership Committees.
ASHP Delegates
  • Represent WMSHP interest at ASHP regional meetings and summer meetings. 
  • Actively report current activities of ASHP to WMSHP.
  • Actively be a member of the Legislative and Membership Committees, including website updates.

WMSHP is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization and state affiliate of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists. 

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